Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Love Food Hate Waste – Save Money And Help The Environment

Love Food Hate Waste is an exceptional website which gives a real insight into the way that we can reduce food waste and help the environment. The website itself is full of useful tips on how we can help the global issue of food waste that costs us a fortune, as well as it being harmful to the environment to throw things out.

To get an overview of this wonderful website it offers; recipes, tips, facts, advice, money-saving ideas and is full of important statistics and news relating to food. The purpose of detailing these areas is to get people to re-think their own habits in regards to how much food that they buy, cook, store or throw away. We waste a lot of food and money and we do not even realise how much sometimes or realise the significant impact it has on our purse as well as our planet!

This is a place that offers nifty tips and educates you into knowing the best ways to purchase foods smartly, helpful ways to store foods correctly to stay fresh for a long time, you can learn how to use foods up that are left over or running out of date and also you can find out what can be recycled from left-over food or empty packaging.

This website is only a good thing in my book and I do highly recommend it!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Angelina Jolie Makes Brave Decision To Reveal All About Her Surgery To Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Angelina Jolie has now gone public after she faced the difficult decision to have her breasts surgically removed after discovering one of her genes had developed a fault that has been linked to breast cancer.

It must be very difficult for a person to decide to have a mastectomy (the removal of one or both breasts surgically) after discovering that they have a faulty gene which could lead to breast cancer. It is important for people not to feel alone when faced with a decision like this.
I think that surgery has been a positive decision for Angelina and her family and she will break down barriers by having put her health before vanity when it came to making the tough decision she faced having permanent imperfections on her body as a result of her undertaking surgery, rather than risk developing breast cancer.

I, for one, salute Angelina for doing this and I am very pleased that she decided to go public with this story.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Get Paid To Shop Online

Getting paid to shop online...sounds too good to be true right? Well you can get paid to shop online quite literally. There are websites which will pay you cashback when you spend online at certain online shops or online retailers.

The cashback websites often work by providing affiliate links to websites that have products or services that you can purchase online. When you go on to spend money by using these affiliate links you get paid as the company are happy to pay the cashback website some commission by getting the introduction of a sale or custom from the cashback website.

2 cashback websites that I recommend are:

Quidco - (Click on this unique link to sign up)
Cashbackshopper -

Cashback websites also often offer discount codes that you can enter at the checkout or free delivery on some retailers, have a look at a cashback website to search for your favourite retailers before you spend and you will not be sorry!

Tip - Do not ever sign up to a cashback website that asks you for a fee or payment to them upfront before you get your cashback, some can be scams so be very wary. Although most cashback websites are free of charge to register, some websites such as Quidco do offer that you can upgrade your account by paying for a higher membership that will give you extra perks such as faster payments, which is totally your own choice if you want money quicker but this is quite different from a non-reputable company trying to run away with your money without paying you any cashback by asking for a fee!

Remember - cashback websites may not pay you immediately, in fact most of them (if not all) will get you to accumulate a certain amount of money before you can choose how you will receive your payment but it is nice when you finally reach the amount of money needed for when you can get paid just for shopping online.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Support An Interest Cap On Pay Day Loans

A petition has been opened on that proposes a cap to be imposed on the interest charges for payday loans.

I fully support this petition as I think that lending should be done in a responsible and thought out process. Most people at some point in their lives know what it feels like to struggle to make ends meet or paying bills to keep a roof over their heads or family fed.

To be supporting this petition by having signed it myself I hope that it will have a positive impact on the world of lending and lenders.

There has already been progress on the petition that the Government have had to rewrite a part of the Financial Services Bill to allow a cap to be imposed on the interest rates charged for payday loans, which is great news for the 2 people that started the petition.

To find out more and sign the petition please visit

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

20 Things To Review Annually

1. TV License – Have you paid for your TV license? This is important as you can be fined a large amount of money if you are tracked down as a non-payer!

2. Magazine Subscription(s) – Do you have the funds to renew your subscription(s)? Sometimes it is cheaper to buy 2 years rather than 1. Have a look around on different websites, some offer cheaper subscriptions (tip - travel size ones are often cheaper when you do not get the free gifts included with the magazine.

3. Breakdown Cover – Review this annually, check if it is worth including breakdown cover on to your insurance policy rather than separately to make any savings.

4. Driving License – It is worth checking that your driving license is not going to expire, as these need replacing when they have expired. Driving without a valid driving licence can result in a fine of up to £1,000, and between three and six penalty points on your licence with the potential of your car also being seized and crushed so it is a must do and it is free to renew your license!

5. European Health Insurance Card – One of these cards is a great item to have and the expiry date needs to be noted so you can make sure you get the benefits, if the card has expired you will be unable to use it.

6. Passport – vital to check that your passport is in date as you will be unable to travel if you do not have a valid passport.

7. Car Insurance – use comparison websites to get great deals on car insurance. Research is key when looking around for the right company to get a cheaper quote.

8. Home Insurance – look at policies that suit your needs. Make sure you are honest with your home insurance company so that they can give you the correct cover for the right price.

9. Phone Insurance – this could actually not be needed. Check if your home insurance policy covers your mobile phone or look at getting gadget insurance if you have lots of gadgets as it can work out very worthwhile.

10. Credit Card Rate – if you have any credit cards, keep track of any introductory rates of 0% on balance transfers or 0% on purchases for example as if the rates are running out you could be stung with penalty fees or high interest charges to pay. Review better credit cards on offer to you if you are in a position to switch.

11. Bank Account – see what bank accounts are available other than the one that you currently use. Some bank accounts these days have offers that you do not want to miss e.g. banks that pay for you to switch account, or bank accounts that double as a savings account and pay you interest for keeping money paid into them.

12. Savings Interest Rate – savings rates can rise (and also plummet at the best of times). It can be worth switching to other savings accounts with new customer offers or looking at how much you can invest and for how long, can be a way to get a better savings account tailored to your circumstances. Look at an ISA if you are financially stable and can invest a fair amount.

13. Food items in your cupboard – check annually that you do not have anything lurking in your cupboards that could be out of date or use up anything going out of date soon. It is amazing how many of us will have items we had forgotten about.

14. Vehicle tires – check that your tires have not worn down to below the legal limit. Replace tires when they are getting to near the legal limit, for your safety and to comply with legal requirements.

15. Clothing clearance – choose a clothing company to get rid of unwanted clothing. Some will pay you for your unwanted goods, some companies give your clothes to charity and some give your clothes to charity and pay you! It is worth having a little look for a bit of extra income. See

16. Phone contract – check out the best tariffs and deals, look on the internet, ask your phone provider, compare deals and if you do not ask you do not get so see what suits you and try to obtain a good deal.

17. TV, broadband & landline – see if any new offers have come out, it can be cheaper to bundle these products together or you may wish to downgrade a few of your services to save cash, either way review it.

18. Medication expiry dates – check to see if any medicine that you have is still in date as it can be dangerous to take medication that is no longer in date.

19. Travel Insurance – look at travel insurance policies, if you are travelling a few times a year, you can be better off getting an annual policy rather than a single policy.

20. Car Tax – make sure your car is taxed or you could be in trouble with the police. It is simple to check online if your car is taxed if you have the vehicle registration number. Taxing the vehicle for a whole year is cheaper than doing so monthly.